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Thread: Code Red Releasing Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead

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    LAST CANNIBALS is softcore, no?

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    It's still porn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark C. View Post
    Better get it or risk buying off Bill's schill account on ebay for 3 times the amount after it gets pulled.
    This is a film that can't be missed. It has to be avoided entirely.

    However, judging from memory (as I don't really feel like doing an image search for Mark Shannon's bollocks), isn't it more of a case of calcinosis (calcium deposits in the skin)? Warts look a bit more colourful. Maybe Bill asks him about it, and poor Mark awkwardly looks at the floor before changing the subject. Then Bill keeps bringing it up for the rest of the interview.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epic Bisto View Post
    Then Bill keeps bringing it up for the rest of the interview.
    ... while dressed in his banana outfit? That would be bloody awesome!
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    I don't think many Italians would understand what 'wawts on yaw baws' means.
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    I personally love this film, and own the shriek show DVD, as well as my VHS copy from the 90's. I was eagerly awaiting it's release, but now that it's out, I won't be able to get it right away ( Code Red seems to go out of print fast), because is money is tight right now.


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