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Thread: The Scorpion Releasing/Katarina's Nightmare Theater Thread

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    Guys, I figured I will post the August info here first. If the news spreads, I know they just took the info from Rock Shock and Pop! LOL

    These will street on August 21....

    Special Features

    Brand New 16x9 anamorphic (1:78) widescreen HD master from the original InterPositive

    Isolated music track from the original 3 track Mag sound.

    On camera interview with writer John Crowther

    Original trailer

    more extra's TBA

    Special Features

    Brand New 16x9 anamorphic (1:78) widescreen

    Audio commentary with director Greydon Clark

    On camera interview with Greydon Clark

    both titles MSRP 19.95.
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    Smut is good. Todd Jordan's Avatar
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    I have never even heard of Joy Sticks but now I must own it. I must.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Jordan View Post
    I have never even heard of Joy Sticks but now I must own it. I must.
    I got a vhs rip dvd-r of Joysticks last year and it is a forgotten classic of 80's teen comedies.

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    I haven't seen Joysticks in years but remember it being pretty funny. Kill And Kill Again? Color me intrigued.

    Hooray for exclusive news!
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    KILL AND KILL AGAIN?! Nice. I remember seeing that flick when we first got cable back in the early 80s. Used to watch all the time.

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    The cover art for JOYSTICKS is great. I like other Greydon Clark films, so I'm sure this one will be entertaining!

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    More Joe Don Baker is always a good thing!

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    What is the status of "The Farmer"?

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    JOYSTICKS is my wife's most wanted title ever! She will be beyond happy about this!

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    Kill and Kill Again looks interesting. I already have the Liberation DVD of Joysticks, but it's full screen.

    I watched The Survivor last night. It was a good one. I liked David Hemmings' directing, but I don't think that I have any other films directed by him, just starring him. I liked that the tension was effective and it was a bit creepy in spots. I haven't seen the shorter version that was out on DVD before, but I wouldn't want to cut anything out of this longer version that Scorpion put out--I dunno, I guess it hit the spot for me.

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