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Thread: The Johnny Cash Show Re-Airing

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    The Johnny Cash Show Re-Airing

    After conquering the record charts for a decade and a half, country music legend Johnny Cash came to television in 1969 — and became a crossover superstar.

    The Johnny Cash Show offered an eclectic mix of musical genres, with some of the biggest rock, folk, jazz, gospel, and country acts of the day. Cash’s humble charm shined through in his stories, songs, and breezy chats with big name stars. He also performed duets with many of his guests, including wife June Carter Cash, a star in her own right. June and Johnny had married in 1968, and their lighthearted chemistry softens Cash’s “Man In Black” gravitas.

    Also featured were the Statler Brothers (Lew Dewitt, Phil Balsley, and brothers Harold Reid and Don Reid), whom Cash discovered in 1964 and used as his opening act on the road. And ever-present was “Rockabilly” legend Carl Perkins, along with Cash’s backing band The Tennessee Three (bassist Marshall Grant, lead guitarist Bob Wootton, and drummer W.S. Holland), and the Carter Family (Maybelle Carter, Sara Carter, Anita Carter and June). The large ensemble gave the show the feeling of a Grand Ole Opry revue — appropriate, since the series was recorded at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, the Opry’s home since 1943.

    The Johnny Cash Show began as a summer replacement for ABC’s Hollywood Palace variety series in June of 1969. It did so well that the network gave it a regular primetime slot the following January. But, despite being the 17th highest rated show of 1970, the love affair was short-lived. The series was cancelled after two seasons as part of a cross-network “rural purge” designed to contemporize primetime for younger, more urban and suburban audiences. In the case of The Johnny Cash Show, the decision was particularly short-sighted. While Johnny hailed from rural Kingsfield, Arkansas, his outlaw persona, commitment to social causes, and impeccable musical credentials gave the show a cross-generational appeal that transcended his country roots.

    Though the series ended in March of 1971, its impact did not. The Johnny Cash Show inspired a chart-topping live album of the same name from Columbia Records. And Cash, now with millions of mainstream fans thanks to national TV exposure, would tour frequently in the ensuing years. He would also return to primetime, hosting other variety shows and specials with June by his side.

    The Johnny Cash Show is both a joyful time capsule and a reminder of why Cash is one of the most enduring artists in the history of recorded music. And you can revisit this essential series, or enjoy it for the first time, this summer on getTV!
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    When flipping channels earlier this month I saw that the Johnny Cash show was being rerun. But forgot what channel it was on. Gonna set the DVR to record a few episodes.

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    I've got a DVD set that has a lot of material on it but obviously not everything. Will be great to see some of this stuff again.
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