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    Apple Tv+

    Apple's new and, frankly, quite annoying TV streaming service. The first annoying thing is you can't watch without an Apple device. My home is proudly Apple free. I did have an Apple tv box but it drove me berserk and I switched it out for a nidia Shield which has been a better experience.

    My mum has an Apple Tv though so I installed it for her (this took a couple hours of frustration culminating in 45 minutes on the phone to the an Apple Genius but I eventually got it working). The odd thing is that even on Apple Tv Box it's interface is buried a couple menus deep. You've got to go searching for this thing and it can't sit on your home screen with your other apps. Bizarre. When you do eventually drill through to it though you'll find that there are really 3 shows for adults on it. Apple isn't purchasing rights to existing properties so it's all new content and up front there's not a lot of it. What you get is:

    THE MORNING SHOW: Drama centered around a morning show whose host has just been Me Too'ed. The definition of overwrought melodrama. If a character isn't crying they are yelling and they really don't have a lot to cry or yell about. I lasted half an hour.

    SEE: Jason Mamoa in furs in a post apocalyptic world where the population is down to 2 million and all of them are blind. High concept stuff that just doesn't work at all. How would people get about when they are all blind? It's hard to imagine and this show doesn't make much of an effort to visualise it. The characters largely move like they are sighted even in battle. Wouldn't we be surrounded by dogs we've trained to do stuff? There's an opening there for some ingenuity to show how humanity keeps running but it's a challenge not taken by this production. I lasted an episode.

    FOR ALL MANKIND: Now the first episode of this was actually pretty good. It's alternate past storyline where the Ruskies get to the moon first. It's a nicely built little world and convincing in all the ways See is not. I hear it's all downhill after that first episode though.

    Actually there was also one called Dickinson but that really didn't look like my thing so I skipped it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom D View Post
    The first annoying thing is you can't watch without an Apple device.
    They've just released Apple TV apps for Roku and Fire TV because of this. Apps are coming to various smart tvs as well. I have no intentions of subscribing but I'm glad to see the apps popping up. Now buying movies from iTunes is finally a realistic option for me.


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