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Thread: Massacre Video Releasing The Devil

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    Massacre Video Releasing The Devil

    From FB:

    "After teasing it for a little bit, we are happy to announce we will be releasing legendary Taiwanese director Jen-Chieh Chang's, worm puking splatter fest, THE DEVIL (1981). The first official American release since the Video City Productions VHS, THE DEVIL will come with a brand new 4k scan from the original 35mm camera negatives."
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    Jaw-dropping, holy crap!

    I've only seen The Devil once b/c my dub wasn't very good but all of the goo & creepy crawlers have stuck in my mind ever since.

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    First official release of this one ever. I didn't like it much but I've only seen it once. This is the one that has a little kid in a bell hop costume named Ding Dong. Watching it in the original Cantonese with subs might improve upon the experience.
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    Yep, Ding Dong is all I remember about it. Original language and seeing it in scope will no doubt improve the viewing experience.

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    Seems like everything other than the gore & insects, it's a lame soap opera...? Definitely not a good film but seeing it again will be great. It's a title I never, ever expected to see get properly released since, it seems, Asian film elements are difficult to get a hold of to restore, rights are a mess or difficult to obtain, etc.

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    It has two gore scenes. One at the beginning and one at the end and it's most just a possession HK style with puking up insects.
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    Marquis de Sade, The 120 Days of Sodom.

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    It wouldn't surprise me if out of however long the running time there is a few minutes of grue..

    Seems like the film was written about in Ecco mag. I may dig around to see if I still have them (sure hope so, it was one of the best).

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    Clearly this means a 4K release of THE WITCH WITH FLYING HEAD is only a matter of time now.

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    I really like this movie. It might just be nostalgia on my part, as it was one of the obscure Asian horror/fantasy flicks I found in my searches when I first began collecting tapes in the early 90's, along with WOLF DEVIL WOMAN, DRAGON AGAINST VAMPIRE, THE DEMONS (aka NINE DEMONS), WAR OF THE WIZARDS, WICKED WIFE, BRUTAL SORCERY, BLACK MAGIC WITH BUDDHA, and many others.
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    And by the way, because it hadn't been said already, I wanted to mention this did get a DVD release on the Videoasia label in the Tales of Voodoo, Volume 3 set as DEVIL'S EXPRESS! At least that's the title on the sleeve; the print (which of course is terrible) has the real title.
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