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Thread: Rome Armed To The Teeth / The Tough Ones (Merged)

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    I wonder if this will just be the italian version. The original US version was supposed to have some alternate insert shots showing American streets and landmarks etc

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    I never thought this would come out, but great that it will. Will be hard not to upgrade.
    Looking for Orozco the Embalmer (Camera Obscura) and the Swedish theatrical poster of Breaking Point (Vibenius/"Ron Silberman Jr.", 1975).

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    Release date is 7/9/19.


    Umberto Lenzi, legendary director of CANNIBAL FEROX, kicked off the Italian police film craze with this hyper-kinetic, ultra-violent, brain-blasting action thriller. Maurizio Meril stars as an Italian DIRTY HARRY, punching and shooting his way through the sleazy drug, sex and crime infested cesspool of mid-’70s Rome, on the trail of a sadistic, machine gun-toting hunchback, played by Tomas Milian (star of THE BIG GUNDOWN).


    “One of the most gonzo, over-the-top Euro crime films you’ll ever see.”
    – American Cinematheque

    “Containing little idealism and much violence for the sake of violence…director Umberto Lenzi keeps his action, cast and cameras moving along at a fast clip.”
    – Variety

    “The quintessential ‘Polizieschi’ movie. It has all the ingredients necessary – Alfa Romeo cars, stereotypical bad guys, angry ‘beat the system’ cops and lashings of over the top violence.”
    – Jonny Redman, LoveLockandLoad

    – Original UNRATED, UNCENSORED director’s cut
    – Mastered in eye-popping 4K resolution for maximum detail and impact
    – Optional Italian language soundtrack with optional English subtitles
    – Audio commentary by Mike Malloy, director of EUROCRIME!
    – Brand new, in-depth interviews with director Umberto Lenzi, actors Tomas Milian, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Sandra Cardini, Maria Rosaria Riuzzi and Corrado Solari, screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti, and composer Franco Micalizzi
    – Special tribute to Marizo Merli with appearances by Enzo Castellari and Ruggero Deodato
    – Vintage VHS intro by cult movie superstar Sybil Danning!
    – Original international theatrical trailer
    – Liner notes by Italian crime film expert Roberto Curti
    – Deluxe embossed slip cover
    – BONUS CD – original soundtrack album by Franco Micalizzi – newly remastered in stunning 24 bit/192khz sound from the original master tapes

    Custom 30-Caliber Metal Bullet Pen – Strictly Limited to 2500 Units!

    Diabolik pre-order is here.
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keeth View Post
    I think I had this film on German dvd packaged in one of those hardcover-type cases.
    Yeah this one was released by New Entertainment limited to 600 Black Cover one, with english subs (and there's a white cover one without english subs).

    I'm really considering a doubledip here, as it's one of the best of it's kind imo. Now someone needs to release Banditi a Milano aswell(!)

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    Franco Micalizzi

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    Goddamn back when they announced this everyone was alive. Now half of them are dead.

    Oh well, at least we're finally getting it. Day one.

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    Just preordered it from cdwow. Never seen this one before. I'm excited.

    Oh, not on Cauliflower! Oh, not on Broccoli!

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    Was there a problem with the first pressing? Diabolik is advertising this as the "2nd pressing" in the description now.

    EDIT: Never mind. The 2nd pressing is just missing the "bullet pen". Who cares.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt H. View Post
    Was there a problem with the first pressing? Diabolik is advertising this as the "2nd pressing" in the description now.

    EDIT: Never mind. The 2nd pressing is just missing the "bullet pen". Who cares.
    Horace. :D


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