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Thread: Joe Dallesandro films...

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    I have an Italian raro set I got on ebay of flesh/trash/heat not sure if its still in print or not. They also released women in revolt I believe. I have the UK dvd for je tt'aime moinon plus. I agree very good one but I like blood for dracula best of all.

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    Will look into these titles for sure, guys. Thanks!

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    FLESH, TRASH and HEAT were released on boxsets in the UK (by Tartan) and France too. I've got the French set.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark C. View Post
    The set Image released back in 2007(?) is the one to get, it includes the most special features, commentaries with Morrissey etc..
    This is the one:

    Also I am a huge Joe Dallesandro fan and have been for over 20 years, I built a fan website on him back in 1996 and he reached out to me back then which was really cool. I own all his rarest films so if your looking for his more obscure titles I have many, when his biographer was looking for films he couldn't find I helped him out. I have a huge soft spot for his Italian films, but loved him ever since seeing him in Trash, which happened to be the first film I ever seen him in. He used to post on FB a lot but has since dropped off, hope he's doing well!

    The one film I could never track down was a French film he did in 1982 called QUEEN LEAR, it was made just before he gave up his acting career in Europe and headed back to the states. I hope one day to see it before I die and it stands as one of my holy grail films along with a Paul Morrissey film called L'amour made in France before he made the Frankenstein and Dracula films in Italy.
    Excellent. I think I remember looking at what must have been your website during the late 1990s, Mark.

    JE T'AIME MOI NON PLUS is an excellent film. I also like the Fernando di Leo film Dallesandro acted in, MADNESS, and he was in a couple of solid episodes of MIAMI VICE too, as I recall.

    I remember seeing THE LIMEY at the cinema and being pleasantly surprised when Dallesandro appeared on screen. (I had no idea he was in the movie before I went to see it.) PARANO is a film of his that has always intrigued me but which I've never seen.

    There's some cool footage on Youtube of Dallesandro's 41st birthday party:
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