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Thread: Movies you can download to own

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    I'm thru with thinking one way or the other is the "right" way. I collect physical media, VHS, DVD, LP, VCD, books, what have you. What other people do is fine by me unless it involves kicking dogs. However, I do appreciate that people upload rare TV films to sites like YouTube. It means I don't have to fork over 10-20 dollars a pop for a boot so that way I'm happy with certain films to download.

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    I just think many films like those offered by companies like blue underground, synapse, vinegar syndrome, and severin may not be able to afforafford to release their films on 4k disc but they may be able to release them to 4k download. I think the 4k disc format may die out soon but the 4k format of downloads is the future I think.


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