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Thread: Current sitcoms that are actually funny

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    Current sitcoms that are actually funny

    There are, by my count, a surprising number of these at the minute.


    We're currently working our way through the new season of this. This show took a little while to get going but it has become very fucking funny indeed. It started off as Lost send up, had a second season mostly concerned with pirates and the new one is a Hunger Games/Most Dangerous Game parody. Took us a little while to get into because you kind of need to like the characters but once you're in it's a grand time.


    One of my favourite shows on tv at the minute. It is, I think, Norwegian, but they were savvy enough to shoot the show twice. Once in Norwegian and then again in English. It's a Vikings send up with a strong scent of Monty Pyton about it and some of the most fun accents on telly. Basically it's about a happy tribe of Vikings who get derailed when one of the slaves convinces them to become a cultural centre of Europe. Very deadpan, very, very funny.


    Okay this one is up and down. It's a kind of a bad taste tv version of The Hangover or some such modern movie. It gets strained trying to pull a plot out over ten episodes each season but it's firing it should be quite capable of dragging a chuckle out of you.


    Ben Elton returns to studio based Brit sitcoms in an attempt to recapture his Blackadder magic. This is nowhere near as good as Blackadder. Still if you like classic Brit sitcoms, and I grew up on them, this is a nice nostalgia trip.

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    I haven't watched a sitcom in over a decade. The majority of them are cancer. But I enjoyed Seinfeld and Married... With Children. The Simpsons seasons 2 through 11-ish is the best animated sitcom.
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    Wrecked is good. At least, up to whatever season is on now, which, only has brief moments that I have thought were funny. The first season was the best. I love when the surly older female tells them before burning the bodies, "Does anyone have anything they want to say because I don't want to hear any bitching later" or something like that.

    The Detour is just plain awful.


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