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    Netflix is badly in need of a hit these days. Im not sure this is the show to give it to them. Big cast, Hill and Stone, and the new Bond director notwithstanding.

    I worked my way through the first couple episodes last night and worked is the term for it. Its set in an alternative timeline where the tech is more advanced than our own but looks like it came from 1988. So its kind of hard to get your bearings and then on top of that you're introduced to this world by a guy who's delusional so its very hard to get a footing. It took me the whole first episode to feel like i had got to grips with it. Then the next episode you're in the company of one of the most unpleasant characters I've seen in a while. Not unpleasant in a fun way. More in the sense that she strongly resembles the sort of real world people I work hard not to have to deal with. The idea of having to spend another 8 hours in her company gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies so i'm probably out for the rest of the season.

    I was just reading an absolute rave of a review that was comparing it to John Malkovich and Spotless mind. Well I didn't like those either and maybe if you do your tolerance of this might vary from mine.

    It is at least different if very self consciously so.

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    I thought this was about a Maniac tv show based on the Lustig picture.
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    It does get measurably better after those two introductory episodes. Don't give up just yet. (and I didn't particularly like John Malkovich or Spotless either)


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