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Thread: Stray Cats 40th Anniversary Reunion/New Album

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    Stray Cats 40th Anniversary Reunion/New Album

    Stray Cats Are Reuniting For 40th Anniversary & 1st Record in 25 Years

    “Forty years ago, us three teenagers started a little band to play a musical style that had long since passed, and most folks had never heard of, this Rockabilly music,” says Brian Setzer, the lead Stray Cat who has since launched a successful solo career. “Forty years later we stand together and still get that same thrill and exhilaration from the music. That feeling is what makes the fireworks go off and the sparks fly. It makes the world go around.”

    The new Stray Cats album is set to be released in 2019 on Surfdog Records, and will be produced by Peter Collins who worked with The Brian Setzer Orchestra, and will be engineered by Vance Powell known for working with Jack White and Chris Stapleton. It will be recorded in Nashville.

    “Making a new Stray Cats album for 2019 in Nashville seems like the exact right thing, right time, right place, and right band for the gig,” says drummer “Slim” Jim Phantom. “We have an album’s worth of new songs that are classic rockabilly while keeping the music and style current and fresh, like always. In other words…A Stray Cats album.”
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    I'm curiously curious. That being said, the last time Stray Cats recorded a new song, it was "Mystery Train Kept-A-Rollin'" and it was fucking horrible. They were also one of the most boring bands I've ever seen live. And this is coming from a super Stray Cats fan.


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