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Thread: Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater Coming To AMC Theater In Times Square

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    Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater Coming To AMC Theater In Times Square

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    Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater is back at the famous AMC Empire Theaters 42 Times Square NYC! Join us for 12 hours of Old Skool Kung Fu Classics celebrating the 40th Anniversary of 5 Deadly Venoms. Hosted by HK Action Star Robert Samuels with Special Guest Venom #1 Lu Feng! Venoms Panel with Lu Feng moderated by Kung Fu Historian Ric Meyers!


    1. 5 Deadly Venoms
    2. Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms aka Crippled Avengers
    3. Invincible Shaolin
    4. Masked Avengers
    5. The Flag of Iron
    6.The Rebel Intruders
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Bobby Samuels is cool. I've always enjoyed listening to his audio commentaries even if it's with Ric Meyers. He's even keeled, level headed and doesn't drop names for the sake of it (unlike some other English expatriate) but always with the intent of giving context to his story plus he has the patience of a saint to not want to punch Meyers in the chops for continually interrupting him, speaking over him, interjecting some nonsense anecdotal story while he's speaking, giving out wrong info for the umpteenth time, etc.
    "only the simplest can accommodate the most complex"


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