Coming to Blu-ray in 2019, in association with our friends at Horror Boobs, is the never before released 1985 regional Ohio film ROAD MEAT! This release will feature a BRAND NEW 2k restoration from original 16mm elements and a whole slew of special features.

Two lunatics, Nick and Vick, celebrate their wedding day at the local asylum like any couple would - by kicking off a killing spree in style (with a gonzo, saxed-out theme song behind them.) After running a man down the two lovebirds hit the trail leaving the bodies of hitchhikers, fast-food employees, and local bowling champions in their wake. That is, until the duo cross paths with an old woman in the midst of a run-in with a creepy cult. After saving her, Nick and Vick find out she's being set up by her son who wants to take all of her money. She takes them back to her house and the three hatch a devious plan...

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