"Artists have explored the nude image since the beginning of time, through sculpture, ink, and paint on canvas, and celebrated the female form in all its natural beauty. Photography is no stranger to this since its arrival. We hereby present an archive of rare glamour photography from the 1900s until the 1960s, originally produced as postcards in France.

Cult Epics website Exclusive: Vintage Beauty HC Book limited edition of 200 with 8×10 Print & gold gilded edges. Available for pre-order with 12 Postcards (edition of 100)"


Special Features
Deluxe hardcover book printed on art paper
Limited Edition of 200 copies include:
Color Print (8”x10” on 250 gsm stock)
Gold gilded book Edges
Technical Specs
8×10 inches
144 Pages
Language: English
Hardcover Edition of 2000 copies

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