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    Coming soon from Well Go USA, going theatrical first on 11/20/18 and then likely DVD/Blu-ray afterwards.

    "Dong-Chul (Don Lee) and Ji-Soo (Song Ji-Hyo) are a happily married couple. One day, Dong-Chul comes home to find his house in disarray and his wife is missing."

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    This is opening up in my area next week, so I'll definitely check it out. Loves me some Ma Dong Seok (I hate how they use his anglicized name even for a Korean picture) and I even watched that lame OVER THE TOP remake he did last year called CHAMPION. That was some crap but Dong-seok even managed to turn that turd to a semi-watchable flick.
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    This movie's opening in my area is delayed until next week but will go see it. I actually like the original Korean working title better RAGING BULL because that description fits Ma Dong-suk's role better.
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    I caught this flick this past weekend and it was a mediocre and generic version of TAKEN and countless other revenge thrillers. I wouldn't even recommend this to die hard Ma Dong-seok fans. Very lackluster in every way. The main baddie was a goof (Kim Sung-oh from MAN FROM NOWHERE) who didn't instill any fear at all despite being a pyscho & the comedic relief in the form of Ma Dong-seok's two buddies (prolific character actors, Park Ji-hwan and Kim Min-jae) was just terrible & annoying. I'm used to Korean cinema where they mix various genres and often have odd comedic elements side by side with brutal gritty action but this mixed like oil and water. The action was disappointing as well...there was one promising action set piece in a hallway reminiscent of OLD BOY sans the hammer but it was basically Ma Dong-seok bludgeoning everyone in his way with his fists and it became very repetitive & was a major letdown. Not recommended. The best part was when this crap ended and we went out to get some Korean ox bone broth soup on a chilly night.
    "only the simplest can accommodate the most complex"


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