Okay this is pretty damned good.

The entire series is directed by Sam Eskmail of Mr Robot fame. I didn't really get into Mr Robot, this though is really well done. Very controlled in tone and style. I've long said that the one area that film still has over tv is that auteurs can operate in film but not in tv as director duties switch hands from episode to episode. This though is one of a series of new shows that are putting that argument to bed. Sometimes it feels Twilight Zone. Sometimes it feels like a horror movie. Other times like a good 70s paranoia thriller. Despite that you never feel that director is anything less than totally in control.


I don't want to give away too much but I was a bit disappointed by the conclusion and the solution to the whole mystery. At times this feels like it's spinning off into something really wild. The actual answer to what the facility is up to is the sort of thing that wouldn't surprise you if you read it in the papers tomorrow.

Still, I enjoyed this as much as anything this year and it's been a hell of a year.