January heats up when the sauciest, spiciest caper in town, PLUGG, makes its way to DVD for the very first time!

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One of the long ‘lost’ Ozploitation sex-comedies, PLUGG is the story of inept detective Horatio Plugg (Peter Thompson), commissioned to dig up the dirt on an escort agency so it can be shut down. Wacky capers ensue as both he and disaster-prone Inspector Closer (Norman Yemm) find themselves hot on the heels of a pervy farmer and the saucy Kelli Kelly played by Penthouse Pet of the Year 1979, Cheryl Rixon.

Plugg is a slapstick comedy in which a blonde from the Pussycat Escort Agency is stalked and ogled by a comic private detective named Plugg (Peter Thompson, Mad Dog Morgan).

Private detective, Horatio Plugg, has been commissioned by Mayor Claude Marshall-Enright (Edgar Metcalfe, A Cry in the Dark) to get a complete dossier on the Perth-based agency so it can be shut down. The owner of the agency (Alan Cassell, Breaker Morant) wants to keep practising his golf so gets Plugg on the case...

The inept Plugg thinks the arrival of horny farmer (Phil Cleary) who wants to get off with Kelli Kelly (Cheryl Rixon, Homicide) is the perfect chance to nail the Escort Agency. But as he's perving on Kelli Kelly, he's also being pursued by a disaster-prone policeman, Inspector Closer (Norman Yemm) and his constable side-kick (Reg Gorman). All parties meet in the climactic court case following a series of chases.

PLUGG has been one of the most hard-to-find of the 1970s Ozploitation films and Umbrella is proud to welcome it to the stable!

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