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Thread: 88 Films Releasing Night Of The Demons 2

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    88 Films Releasing Night Of The Demons 2

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    Coming in Feb.

    NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (1988) was one of the most popular and prolific shockers of the VHS rental era so it was inevitable that a sequel would be forthcoming - but few fans could have expected that NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 (1994) would be so outrageous, gooey, creature-packed and over-the-top! Arguably even more beloved than the original monster mash, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 introduces a new line-up of young victims for the glamorous Angela (Amerlia Kinkade), who is ready to munch and mutilate anyone who treads into her haunted abode. A perfect late night shocker, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 highlights stunning special effects by Steve Johnson (GHOSTBUSTERS) and a typically gross-out approach from director Brian Trenchard-Smith (TURKEY SHOOT). This is the BluRay that horror-hounds have been waiting for - and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 does not disappoint in this gruesome HD restoration!!

    "Interview with Effects Guy, Steve Johnson

    Booklet Notes by Film Journalists Dave Wain and Matty Budrewicz"
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    It' an okay sequel.
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    Lots of mean and hateful characters in this.

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    Balls, I just imported it. At least it was part of an Olive sale a few weeks ago so probably just as cheap.
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    Lol you can't even get the first one in Uk


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