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Thread: New Night Gallery Series In The Works At SyFy

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    New Night Gallery Series In The Works At SyFy

    I hate that they spell it SyFy now but whatever.

    "Another classic Rod Serling anthology series is getting a revival. In a competitive situation, Syfy has landed a re-imagination of Night Gallery, from Teen Wolf creator/executive producer Jeff Davis and Midnight, Texas executive producer David Janollari. Picked up for development, the project will be co-produced by Universal TV, where David Janollari Entertainment is based, and Universal Cable Prods."

    More info here:
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    NIGHT GALLERY is my favorite series from my childhood, so I'll probably give this a look when it starts.
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    Count me out as enthused. Night Gallery, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, are all classics because of the era, the writers, and the acting talent. You can give stuff like this to the most talented of folks, and it's still not going to be anywhere close. Just do another anthology show with a unique name; seems to be working fine for Black Mirror.

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    Night Gallery was just Twilight Zone's horror sibling, so any horror anthology with the occasional O'Henry twist would fill that void. The gimmick of having gallery paintings introduce episodes would seem to be entirely unnecessary.

    That said, the original Night Gallery was an entirely awesome series. To the best of my recollection, the most demented (and hence, my favorite) episodes were Season 2's Marmalade Wine, with Robert Morse and Rudy Vallee, and Caterpillar, which still gives me the heebie-jeebies to this day.


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