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Thread: What'd You Get Lately? The 2019 Edition

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    My favorite Chinatown shop had some HK series on blu ray that I've been wanting to pick up including the TROUBLESOME NIGHT series 1-4 on blu ray + IT'S A MAD MAD MAD WORLD I-III, also they had the very good Japanese Netflix series, MY HUSBAND WON'T FIT on blu + the Patrick Wong mini-series for FOX starring Kara Hui and Anthony Wong titled STAINED, Sammo Hung's WINNERS AND SINNERS, Sun Chung's OLD MAN AND THE KID aka DESTINY'S CHAMPION, the Korean police thriller, EYE FOR AN EYE & lastly, Derek Tsang's romantic drama, SOULMATE.

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    The Man who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot UHD
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    American Horror Project Vol. 2 BD
    Devil's Kiss BD
    Silent Hill BD
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    The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (Blu-ray)

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    SNAKE IN THE EAGLE'S SHADOW German BD. With the two presentations and multiple audio/sub tracks, I'm goddamn spoilt with this one.
    BLUE STEEL German BD
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