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Thread: Mark Savage's Purgatory Road

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    Mark Savage's Purgatory Road

    Coming from Unearthed Films in Feb.

    "Unable to stop a thief from stealing his father's modest nest egg, young Vincent grows up blaming himself for his parents' sudden suicide. Becoming a priest [Gary Cairns] who operates a highway-based ministry with his ambivalent brother Michael [Luke Albright], Vincent's services include offering sage confessional advice to regular sinners while raining death on unrepentant thieves. Into the world of this antagonistic duo comes Mary-Francis [Trista Robinson], a psychotic, resourceful woman whose first act of kindness is to kill a thief whose actions threaten to expose the holy brotherly duo. Filled with gratitude for this act, Vincent invites Mary-Francis into their sacred world and triggers a gruesome chain of deadly events that threaten to dismantle the brothers' decades-long partnership. Bonus features include: Behind the Scenes, Trailers, Commentary with Director Mark Savage"

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    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    been a while but i remember enjoying the Savage Sinema set. i'll have to dig that out and watch it again. possibly my opinion may change but i remember thinking Marauders had a Deadbeat at Dawn feel to it. might have just been a general low budget thing.

    Unearthed doesn't really float my boat but i'm looking forward to this

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    I had the Savage Sinema set but sold it. I'm guessing I didn't care for the films very much (but have no idea why) but I'm interested in P.R. & Savage's Instagram is loaded with awesome.


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