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Thread: Villainess TV Series In The Works

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    Villainess TV Series In The Works

    "Here's some news fresh out of Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's company, Skybound Entertainment - a TV series based on 2017's gory cult hit The Villainess is in the works.

    Skybound has partnered up with Next Entertainment World’s Contents Panda to get the series off the starting blocks, and the team will be bringing back the movie's director, Jung Byung-gil, to direct the pilot episode."

    More here:
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    I can just see how this will play out now. To appease their target audience, they'll hire some hapa actress (probably another "Lu" like Maggie Q) to play the assassin and she'll have a white love interest (who happens to be ex-SAS or Delta Force) & they'll join forces to slay all the nameless evil Korean men. (((Western)))) media is so predictable.
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