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Thread: Devil's Kiss (1976) - Redemption

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    Devil's Kiss (1976) - Redemption

    The Redemption label will bring to Blu-ray Georges Gigo's cult thriller Devil's Kiss (1976), starring Silvia Solar, Olivier Mathot, José Nieto, and María Silva. The release will be available for purchase in May.

    Synopsis: When the Countess de Moncourt is left destitute by the suicide of her husband and the loss of her property, she resumes her maiden identity as Claire Grandier -- meduim! Teaming up with Dr. Gambier, a telepath, they accept an invitation from the Duke de Haussement to preside over a seance at a wild party. The Duke, impressed with their powers and aware of Claire's financial straits, invites her and Dr.Gambier to stay at his chateau to further their experiments in exchange for lessons in the occult sciences. Claire accepts, but resents the Duke for acquiring her husband's stables at an estate sale and plans to punish him with her rites of necromancy. Working from the cellar of the chateau, she, Gambier and a lascivious dwarf reanimate a local pauper's corpse and mentally guide it to murder the Duke and his staff...but who will be able to control this soulless killing machine if the ailing Dr.Gambier succumbs to his weak heart?

    A rarely seen French/Spanish co-production, Devil's Kiss (a.k.a. La Perversa Caricia de Satan, "The Perverse Caresses of Satan," 1975) is the only horror film ever directed by erotica specialist "Georges Gigo", the French pseudonym of Spanish-born Jorge Lui Gigo Aznar. It's an atmospheric and sexy witch's brew that blends equal parts of Frankenstein, Dracula and H.P.Lovecraft, starring a veritable who's who of familiar faces (and figures) from the 1970s heyday of Spanish horror! (Tim Lucas, Editor of Video Watchdog).
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    Olivier Mathot, did the man ever make a bad film?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjeon View Post
    Olivier Mathot, did the man ever make a bad film?
    Well, this one.

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    Anyone recommend this one?

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    I turned the DVD off half way through about three years ago and have yet to finish it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason C View Post
    Anyone recommend this one?
    Yes!. I enjoyed it despite being confused throughout.


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