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Thread: The Collected Pulp Horror

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    The Collected Pulp Horror

    I received this today. It's a collection of the first three issues of Pulp Horror which documents horror fiction. Lots of cool cover art images plus interviews with Guy N Smith, Michel Parry, Robert Lory; reviews of books; articles on Charles Birkin, John Blackburn, AE Van Vogt and more. "Slime Beasts! Devils Kisses! Satan's Spawn! Bug-Eyed Monsters!"

    Flipping through it, the only book I own pictured is "Spawn of Satan" by Charles Birkin. I'll be checking eBay for cheap copies of whatever looks cool.

    Also purchased this from an eBay dealer for less than $7 shipped so well worth it.

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    It's actually cheaper on Amazon if you can get enough for the free shipping, or with Prime.

    They also have a number of companion magazines, SLEAZY READER, MEN OF VIOLENCE, HOT LEAD and PULP HORROR. All are fun to look at and read. Since it's a UK magazine, most of the covers are from the British editions but they were often more colourful then the US editions.

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    Ugh, more stuff I'll want to spend money on...

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    If you don't already have it, you'd probably also like Paperbacks From Hell : The Twisted History of 70s and 80s Horror Fiction by Grady Hendrix. I found a bunch of stuff to track down after I read that one.
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