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Thread: What are you watching?

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    We Are Still Here. I'm sorry but this bored the shit out of me. There was some good gore but overall it was a very mediocre film.
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    The icy hell of the northlands.
    Valley Girl
    Great 80's movie with a fantastic soundtrack and a goofy looking Nicolas Cage. Produced and co-written
    by Wayne Crawford. He also pops up in a small part at a party. First time ever seeing this. I'm definitely buying this

    The Dorm That Dripped Blood
    Meh, this was a slog until the ending which elevated it somewhat. Cutie Daphne Zuniga should've been in it more.

    You Cannot Kill David Arquette
    Pretty interesting documentary about a weird dude trying to redeem himself in the wrestling world. Entertaining.

    The Great Gatsby
    Watched the Alan Ladd version. He does a good job stretching out of his usual box. I still think he was a very underrated actor.
    The novel was sanitized somewhat for the sake of appeasing the censorship board. But it's still a very good film.
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    Lone Wolf McQuade (USA, 1983) [DVD] - 3/5
    Texas Ranger Norris vs. asshole Carradine. Solid film, but I’m a little allergic to Texas.

    Missing in Action (USA, 1984) [DVD] - 3/5
    Ridiculously stereotypical Vietnamese villains, boobs, and suspense. What’s not to enjoy? Well, the action is pretty full. The storyline actually fares better!

    The Delta Force (USA, 1986) [DVD] - 3.5/5
    America kicks arse. First rate cast (Norris, Marvin, George Kennedy, Robert Forster as terrorist!), good action and a solid plot flow even at 130 minutes. Alan Silvestri’s score is a bit crappy.

    The Wraith (USA, 1986) [VoD] – 3.5/5
    Amusingly ridiculous Charlie Sheen / revenge / car / sci-fi / 80s teen flick. A murdered teen returns to earth with a magic automobile to take revenge. Somehow they forgot to explain how the hell did he resurrect and where did the car come from. Instead they got the ridiculously cute Sherilyn Fenn go topless! And the ending WTF? [Spoiler] Did he frame his brother for the murder of 5 kids? He just casually donated the car to him, the car that was used for killing 5 people and to crash through a police roadblock. I’m pretty sure the brother ended up in gas chamber. [End of Spoiler]

    Beyond the Law (USA, 1993) [VoD] – 3.5/5
    Surprisingly good Charlie on a Harley (ok, maybe it wasn’t a Harley) film with Sheen going undercover in a biker gang. Stupid childhood trauma / side-plot aside, this finds a good balance between cool and dumb, and has decent production values, too. This delivers what it promises: nothing more, nothing less.

    Upgrade (USA, 2019) [VoD] - 4/5
    Clever, fun sci-fi / cyberpunk revenge film made with just the right amount of money. If this dude does the Escape from New Your remake, I'm in.

    The Invisible Man (Canada etc., 2020) [DCP] – 3/5
    A horror update for the #me too era: Elisabeth Moss haunted by a toxic, mansplaining ex-boyfriend whom no one else can see. Interesting as a product of its time, but also politically correct to the point of frustration. The biggest issue, however, is the film’s reliance on loud sounds and the viewer’s inability to see the enemy as means of creating tension and jump scares. And yet, the film is effective, even clever at times. Excellent performance by Moss, too.

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    Dunkirk: I've never been on the Nolan bandwagon. What's his status these days? Is he just a Geek God or does the rest of the cinema going world worship him as well? Never seen much to recommed him myself. Anyway, went in not expecting a huge amount of this but came out very pleasantly surprised. It's a huge film in terms of the scale but it really does drill down to focus on a few people lost in the mess of the whole disaster. Very light on dialogue, very high on terror, with a good reassuring dose of stiff upper lip British doggedness. Very impressive in pretty much every way AND it's a war epic thats all over in little over an hour and half once you remove the credits. When I sat down I was settling in for 3 hours plus. Stunned and happy when it just finished.
    "Never let the fact that they are doing it wrong stop you from doing it right." Hyman Mandell.

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    Shivers Blu Ray

    Watched this earlier with the Cronenberg commentary. Looks good sounds good. Not the best Cronenberg but not the worst.

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    SEVEN PSYCOPATHS: Odd one. I put this on and instantly realised that I'd seen it before. I kept watching it anyway as I couldn't remember a thing about it. All through I was having little deja vue moments but still couldn't remember it at all. When did I watch this? What condition was I in? It only came out 8 years ago... I worry about me sometimes.

    Anyway.... objectively good little film. Undeniably smart, funny. I just can't give a shit. How can you invest yourself in something so self consciously quirky? Watching it I was thinking this has to be done by the same guy as The Crossing Guard which elicits exactly the same response. Seems i was completely incorrect.
    "Never let the fact that they are doing it wrong stop you from doing it right." Hyman Mandell.

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    The icy hell of the northlands.
    SNL - Hosted by Bill Burr
    I love Bill Burr. I saw him live in Stockholm when he was here last but yeesh... this
    passes for comedy these days? Unfunny PC sermonizing, with all the agendas that
    need to be sold on the plebs, in community theatre tier skits. Absolute trash!

    Black Candles
    This movie is fucking crazy! I love it. Helga Liné is hilariously awkwardly doubled in
    the more explicit scenes (I guess she didn't wanna do more than boob nudity in this one).
    Fun stuff.

    Chandu - The Magician
    Awesome old 30's adventure with an even more awesome scene stealing
    (and scenery chewing) Bela Lugosi. Fast paced and exciting. I really love
    this film. They pull off some really cool gags/fx and Edmund Lowe was a
    cool cat as the hero.

    Zombieland 2
    I'd forgotten I had this in the "to watch" pile so threw it on tonight when I couldn't sleep.
    The first time I saw it I kinda liked it. But rewatching it now it doesn't hold up. It feels hastily
    slapped together and the director even talks about how they were underbudgeted and had to
    scrap stuff and make up shit as they went along a lot. And the blonde ditz gets real tiresime real
    quick. I guess it's alright for a rainy day when you have nothing else to watch. I hesitate to rewatch
    the first one now, lol.
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