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Thread: What are you watching?

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    The Hot Box (USA / Philippines, 1972) - 2/5
    Not quite a WiP film but women in captivity nevertheless, again shot in the Philippines and scripted by Jonathan Demme. A group American nurses get kidnapped by South American rebels trying to overturn the government. Action and plentiful bath scenes ensue, but not much exploitative edge since the kidnappers are essentially good guys. While more action packed than some others, the film is just so mediocre that it fails to make any kind of impression. One of the problems is that there's too much focus on the rebels instead of the girls who remain too passive in the action scenes.

    Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS (Canada, 1974) [DVD] - 2.5/5
    Mean spirited exploitation film mixes soft core sex with sickening human experiments that dominate most of the running time. Not exactly an enjoyable film, but certainly a memorable one. It's interesting to see how it differs from similar Japanese films (e.g. The Joy of Torture) which were technically and artistically superior, but also aestheticized and eroticized the violence against women to no end. Ilsa is much grittier and less sexy, making it feel sicker (although the opposite interpretation would also make sense).

    Barbed Wire Dolls (Switzerland, 1976) [DVD] - 1/5
    I was under the impression that this was supposed to be a real movie, but it turned out to be a porno (and not even a good one). Or at least I think it was a porno; the Japanese DVD I rented was so badly fogged that I couldn't tell for sure. It was advertised as "hair nude" version but since beavers are still outlawed and the film only features about one hair shot as opposed to seven hundred beaver shots, that promise ended up meaning not a damn thing. This was my first Franco and would be the last if I didn't have another damn Franco disc lying on my table. Maybe it's time to put my recently renewed fire insurance to use?

    Tropical Inferno (Switzerland, 1976) [DVD] - 1/5
    Another Jess Franco WiP film. Compared to his earlier movie Barbed Wire Dolls this one tones down the porn and replaces it with very nasty sexual (and non-sexual) torture. Don't be fooled by the cool title either: most of the film is set indoors; only towards the end we get a bit of swimming in a river and a crocodile. That's it. What a mean spirited bore.

    Escape from Hell (Italy / Spain, 1980) - 3/5
    Surprisingly enjoyable jungle prison film is the very definition of exploitation with (frequently naked) female prisoners consumed by the heat, sadistic guards, snakes, even heart failures when they're not engaging in sex scenes bordering pornography. Just like the better Italian cannibal films this is a relatively well made, stylish and slightly mean spirited film that knows what it is and throws a menacing score on top to underline it. It could use trimming (at 93 min its 15 min too long), but there's something so charming about its honest trashiness that it can only receive a recommendation. Unsurprisingly, BBFC banned the film upon its first release attempt in 1980, probably for displaying the women's mistreatment in a slightly too appealing manner.

    Chained Heat (USA, 1983) [DVD] - 1.5/5
    Bizarrely popular WiP film feels like a director fired from The Bold and The Beautiful helming a group of Dolly Parton's porny cousins in DTV production in 1983. Linda Blair's boobs are presumably the main appeal here, however it is John Vernon as a horny pornographer warden who comes out more entertaining. Everything else from story to acting, cinematography, score and 80s hairdos are either dull or irritating.

    Women's Prison Massacre (Italy, 1983) [DVD] - 2/5
    Semi sleazy WiP thriller does well by introducing a pack of psychotic male prisoners who are temporarily placed in a women's prison about 25 minutes into the film. The score isn't half bad either, if extremely repetitive, and the ending is zombie film gory. This could've been a good film had they remembered to wrap up the opening 25 minutes (there's a build up for something that never materializes) and if the rest didn't drag. The thriller vibes are there, but every other shot is too long and the film could've lost a good 15 minutes from the 89 minute running time. Still, it's more watchable than some of the duller and more sexploitative entries in the genre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takuma View Post
    Decided to familiarize myself with WiP films... lets see if anything good comes out of this...
    Also check out Bruno Mattei's THE JAIL (on Czech and US dvd). I enjoyed it heaps but you'll probably give it 0.5/5. lol. It's a mix of WIP, cannibal, jungle and gore actioner. One of Mettei's very last.

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    I watched THE MACK and THE GETAWAY yesterday. THE MACK was a first for me and a very enjoyable one. It had a somewhat more realistic tone to it than most blaxploitation films, and the main character wasn't a "hero" but a lowlife scumbag. He did luv his mum, though. The reg. 1 has a good 45 min doc about the film.

    I've watched THE GETAWAY (Sam Peckinpah's original, not the remake) many times over the years. I taped it off TV in the '80s and watched my fullscreen tape repeatedly. It's been many years, tho, and I got a reg. 1 DVD fairly recently. So nice to finally see the film in widescreen. Unfortunately, there's no real extras other than two commentary tracks. Is there a good blu-ray I wonder?

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    I have a Blu of The Getaway that has a very nice transfer but I don't remember what the extras are. What is weird is it's a US release but the menu is all in Japanese. I bought it used, locally, for just a few bucks.

    I watched The Passage last night on an HD movie channel. I have the Blu. It's pretty cool film & worth checking out for the wild ending and if you like perverted SS nazi's.

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    Secret Games II: The Escort (Gregory Dark, 1993) - One of the more obscure entries in Dark's 90's softcore cannon and one of the more ambitious that sets a high benchmark for the genre. Not really an "erotic thriller", more of a heady drama (though its got the "erotic" bit down, yeesh!) featuring moments of fourth wall breaking with the main character addressing the viewer via videotape, though there is a brooding feeling throughout, as if said main character, played wonderfully by Martin Hewitt by the way, could snap at any moment. Interesting from a structural standpoint, constantly flashing back and forth between past and present, the inherent cleverness fully coming into play during the final moments and aside from three brief scenes, the entire film takes place in one house, giving the film a strange, hermetically sealed off type of vibe. There's some fascinating commentary on the subjects of sex and relationships, the philosophy spouted by Hewitt at the end of the film will no doubt have many branding him an asshole, which he sort of is but really, he does have a point.
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    PETS last night & TIME BANDITS right now.

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    The World Cup. .
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    Caught the trailer for What's the Matter with Helen. Looked pretty awesome. Anyone have any thoughts on it?

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    Signed up for Shudder to catch the Joe Bob Briggs' marathon. I've been watching a couple of random pictures, mostly re-watches but it's been at least a decade since I last saw them.

    The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne. Borowczyk does a more traditional kind of horror film. Has the great Udo Kier as Jekyll and Hyde. It goes to some places but is bogged down greatly in the 2nd act. An alright picture worth checking out I think.

    Burning Moon. I gave this I think three chances now. I don't like it. It is fascinating because it's exactly the kind of movie I would have made had I had the power to do so back when I was thirteen.

    Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. A glorified fan film. I hated this. First time seeing this one BTW but I've heard of it before.

    Murder Obsession AKA FEAR (1981). An interesting entry in the Eyetalian horror cycle. Directed by Riccardo Fredda who was very important in that era of Italian Horror but ironically never reached the high's of his contemporaries, not even once. I liked this one despite it not being amazing. It has some great framing, Laura Gemser, a Giallo with an incest sublot, some fleeting cool imagery, and a chainsaw kill. A middle of the road Gialli which means that it's more interesting than most horror films of the era.
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    Saw 6. It was pretty good for what it was.
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    "Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness."

    Alejandro Jodorowsky

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