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Thread: What are you watching?

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    Hobo with a Shotgun: I tried watching it when it came out and it was OTT that I couldn't get into it. I hate wink and nod self-aware movies (with insanely few exceptions). But this is all right and Rutger is amazing in it of course. It's background noise.
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    Roma A Mano Armata
    Great Italo-crime with awesome people. Well acted and rapidly paced with some truly butt puckering car chases. Funky music too. Maurizio Merli was cool as fuck. I wonder why Milian and him hated each other. The Grindhouse blu-ray is beautiful with shitloads of extras. Best release of the year this far. Not sure I needed a trinket bullet pen but it looks pretty cool to be honest. I'll put in on my shelf next to my Maurizio Merli mini bust.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nabonga View Post
    I wonder why Milian and him hated each other.
    well, it's obvious isn't it? merli is an arrogant right-wing non-actor and milan is an intellectual left-winger trained at actors studio NYC.

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    The icy hell of the northlands.
    After watching all of the extras it seems to have been a pure ego diva thing more than anything else. Merli was vain and insecure and Milian was a drunk and a druggie. Both were talented and captivating to watch.

    Picnic At Hanging Rock (The TV show) - Episode 3
    I sort of forgot about this. Liked the first 2 episodes well enough but this one
    was a sloooooooog to get through. It really is a well shot show (A++ cinematographer)
    but I'll have to force myself to finish the remaining three episodes if they're like this
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    VAMPIRE'S KISS - Near-brilliant piece of outsider art, with an amazingly unhinged Nic Cage performance. He is fearless and fucking hilarious. All of the stuff with him terrorizing his secretary is disturbing, yet funny. I wish Shout! paired this up with EDGE OF SANITY on Blu-ray (instead of the pretty dismal HIGH SPIRITS): it would've been a perfect double bill showcasing two of the great insane central performances of the '80s.
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    The icy hell of the northlands.
    Der Todesrächer Von Soho
    Lazy and poor uninspired Franco outing. Lots of bad wide angle lens photography that
    looks like it's filmed through a dirty sock (I think they were trying to simulate London fog
    with vaseline on the lens). Maybe I was tired from work but I had absolutely no clue at all
    about what was happening. Looking at imdb afterwards it seems I'm not alone in that confusion.
    A one time only curio if you're a Franco completist.

    Footlight Parade
    Goddamn what an entertaining old time spectacle. Ruby Keeler while not the most graceful dancer
    had buckets of charm, Dick Powell does his usual youth crooner to perfection, Joan Blondell is spunky as
    a secretary with the hots for her boss played by the wonderfully charismatic James Cagney who sings and
    dances here. Lots of fun actors. The only one missing is the great Una Merkel who was soooo cool in 42nd
    Street. The musical numbers are by Busby Berkeley who outdoes himself with some awesome, awesome set
    pieces where you have to suspend your disbelief quite a bit but it doesn't matter because they're all so damn
    cool. Especially the Waterfall number. Like John Landis says in the extras, shooting in pools is a real hassle which
    makes it all the more impressive. This is top tier 30's cinema with great performances by all. Well, maybe not 9 year
    old Billy Barty who overacts like crazy but... well... he was 9. I had no idea that was him until I saw the extras.
    I didn't know he went that far back in the business. Since the film is pre-code there's lots of cheese cake and many
    perky ladies running around. There is also a scene in a drug den (I think it was) were they're basically topless. WAC
    new blu-ray is very much recommended!

    Nightmare At Noon
    This was a real hoot. The helicopter footage at the end goes on for too long (awesome as it is) but besides that this is
    good explody fun from Nico Mastorakis. Brion James poisons the water supply of a small town making people go rabid and
    violent, killing each other. Some citizens and three tourists passing through get caught in the middle. Cool actors in here
    like Wings Hauser, George Kennedy, Bo Hopkins (who is super cool in this film). I liked the cute lady cop actress who seemed
    to retire after this film. Too bad, I would've liked to see her in more stuff. She was pretty badass. This is fun b-trash.
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    Last night I saw Lamberto Baba's brilliant and sexy DELIRIUM
    Serena Grandi and Sabrina....
    We Still Kill The Old Way
    We Still Steal The Old way

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    The icy hell of the northlands.
    3 Avengers
    Mid tier peplum with some very silly Hill/Spencer type fight scenes. Trampolines aplenty.
    Alan Steel is a decent lead and Rosalba Neri sauces things up with her magnetic presence.
    This time she plays a good person for a change. I had fun with this but I doubt I'll revisit it.

    Agent For H.A.R.M.
    For some reason I always thought this was an Italian production but apparently it was a pilot
    for an American tv show that never materialized. It makes sense because it is sorta U.N.C.L.E-ish
    in nature and feel. This has 2.1 on imdb but I suspect that's Mystery Science Theatre 3000's fault
    (goddamn I hate juvenile disrespectful crap like that). It's nowhere near that bad. Although a tad
    uneventful the music is nice, Barbara Bouchet is awesome as always and the plot is pretty cool in
    its nefariousness. A face melty spore weapon is an awesome concept. The lead could've done without
    the mr Rogers sweater he rocks for most of the film however but that's my only complaint. This is a
    fun movie. Bonus points for the slick Bruno Mars henchman who gets shot in the face.
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    A bunch of fine noirs on TCM:

    Woman on the Run
    Thieves’ Highway

    And an William Powell melodrama set during the Irish Rebellion:

    The Key

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    The icy hell of the northlands.
    Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
    Loud, bombastic, completely idiotic and very very entertaining. I had some
    delicious chinese food before the movie that didn't agree with me so I spent
    the entire running time praying I wouldn't shit myself. It's 2h 16min's... so yeah. :-/
    Other than that I enjoyed the hell out of this. Genuinely funny at times and with
    some fun surprise cameos that made everybody laugh. I think this'll be a hit. Cry
    some more Tyrese! Apparently there were mid-end credits scenes but I missed those.
    I didn't want to tempt fate anymore so i booked it.

    New York Ripper
    Couldn't for the life of me go to sleep this morning so I crawled back out of bed to watch this
    for like the 15th time or something like that. It's a great cracking little scuzzball of a film.
    Grimy 80's New York feel, sleazy sex and hardcore violence in spades. All set to a wildly funky
    soundtrack. Blue Underground's latest release is absolutely beautiful. For the most part. They
    went a little overboard with the green and blue. Most noticeable in the morgue and the subway
    scenes. The whites of peoples eyes are also off. Almanta Keller's whites are green-ish instead.
    That said, it's not too distracting and overall it's a complete homerun as far as picture quality is
    concerned. The film has never looked better. Very much recommended if you're looking to upgrade.
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