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Thread: Baywatch Is Coming To Blu-ray!

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    Baywatch Is Coming To Blu-ray!

    All nine seasons are coming to Blu-ray in July in Germany!

    Weird google translation says:

    ""Baywatch " is one of the most successful TV series of all time and was broadcast in over 140 countries in 40 different languages ​​and is just a cult - also thanks to its two main actors David Hasselhoff and of course Pamela Anderson , which joined from Season 3 to. After the series aired on HDL for the first time in just a few weeks on RTL Nitro, TV jewels "Baywatch" have now also been released on Blu-ray for the first timeannounced with us, with all nine squadrons (for now) are launched separately and no complete box is announced. As the colleagues of report, fans of the series have to swallow a small toad in HD-sighting. So obviously not all archive footage in the usable HD were before why some cuts had to be made. This can be nude and action scenes, but also the background music with popular pop songs is affected. However, television jewels provided a remedy by the publisher's original versions including the original German and English audio tracks as SD bonuswith on the Blu-rays attaches. If you are interested in the topic, you can read more details on On the 12th of July, the first two seasons start, then television jewels gradually release the following season. Amazon is already accepting your pre-orders."
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    I have the feeling that watching Baywatch in German while drinking could be quite amusing.


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