To start with I just want to make it clear that I'm not advocating that you rush out and watch this. I'm 2 episodes in and not sure if I can be bothered with it. But despite not being very good, if you're a die hard 90s erotic thriller fan (and I sure am one of those) then it's worth a glance for curiosities sake.

It starts off with the setup from Indecent Proposal with the music from Basic Instinct and a definite 90s aesthetic in the fashion. Renee Zelwegger is starring, presumably because Shazza Stone was busy doing something else. If you can't picture her as a femme fatale then I'm right with you but age has kind of brought the role around to her. The direction of her scenes however often leaves her looking very silly.

It's pulpy as fuck though unfortunately in a Melrose Place kind of way rather than, say, Wild Things. I wish this was good as I like the intent.