Anyone else going to get any of the various Woodstock 50th anniversary CD/vinyl releases coming out later this month? I opted for the 10 CD release, I really wanted that 38 CD release that included everything but I also wanted to eat for the next month as well. I like to get vinyl releases, but the 5 LP set only included 42 songs, kind of pathetic if you ask me, the 10 CD set included 162 songs, which is pretty good at least, it looks like it comes with some kind of book as well, but not sure. But anyway wanted to see if anyone else is getting any version of this box set. I kind of had to have it after seeing the movie on TV a few days ago. Anyone actually going to get the vinyl release? I think it would be more of a collectible type thing due to having so few songs on it, but it does look cool I admit, and has a booklet with it, but I can't get both a vinyl and CD version so it was down to getting just 1 version and I had to go with the version with the most songs.