Kept getting ads for Tubi TV, figured I'd check it out since it's free and our TV had the app pre-loaded. Kicker is that it does have ads, and if you've been without cable for years, even the minimal ads they have will get on your nerves in a big way; even if it's nowhere near what it used to be like watching a film on network TV.

The reason I mention it is because they have a HUGE selection of stuff that I didn't ever expect to see here, like Hard Ticket To Hawaii, Death Bed, Assault on Precinct 13, etc. Downside is that I've flipped through a few selections; Hard Ticket being the first because of Ian's review; and it looks like some of their films use old transfers that may or may not have been PD at one point. Anyone with any tubi experience have anything to add? As much as I love the lack of commercials and high quality of a lot of their material, I'm getting annoyed with Netflix these days; their cost keeps going up, and they're focusing far more on "Netflix Original Content" than shit I actually want to see, though I imagine if you like watching "reality" shows of people in jail, it's pretty great.

One downside of tubi is that the app interface is garbage, it's on par with amazon prime video for enjoyable user interface.