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Thread: Searching for title of short film?

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    Searching for title of short film?

    I'm at my wits end trying to locate this short film from the US which aired in the 90s. I first saw it on the now defunct IFC channel, the plot is about a guy who finds out one of his buddies raped his girl. She doesn't want to go to the cops but he's ego won't let it go. He vows to get revenge but can't do shit since his buddy is an ex-golden gloves boxer and beats his ass when he confronts him about it. So he ends up borrowing some cash from his roommate (some effeminate kumbaya type) and uses the cash to hire some ghetto thug to fuck up the rapist. So he goes to meet up the black dude and gives him a picture of the target but the thug is just interested in the cash and doesn't really pay attention to who he's supposed to fuck up. Turns out the black guy ends up severely beating the wrong person, he ends up thrashing the guy's roommate (the one who lent him the money to hire the thug in the first place) by mistake. So the main guy goes back to the hood and tries to get his money back from the black guy but the black dude ain't having any of it and tells him to get his ofay ass out of his apartment before he gets a beatdown. Think it was shot in B&W but not 100% sure. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Big ups to the dude who gave me the answer via PM. The movie was called DESOLATION ANGELS and I was wrong on many counts. It was not a short film nor shot in B&W. Just goes to show how shot my memory is these days.
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