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Thread: Toy Story 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by anthony1138 View Post
    Hold on to your old Toy Story 2 DVD/BD. Apparently the new 4K/BD is edited. Thanks John Lasseter!
    Hell, I still have the Tiny Toy Stories VHS with the uncensored Knick Knack, so no risk of me getting rid of my original Blu Rays!

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    Went to see it last Friday with my son. We both really enjoyed it. It was a lot better than I expected it to be. The ventriloquist dummies were super creepy and I liked some of the new characters. It was kind of sad though that there was less of a focus on the old characters. Woody will always be my favorite and even though he was the main focus of this one, it still seemed sad that the others really weren't. Also I don't know how I feel about the ending. Don't want to give anything away though for those who might see it.


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