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Thread: Luis Buñuel's Death in the Garden (1956)

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    Luis Buñuel's Death in the Garden (1956)

    Death in the Garden (1956) is one of Luis Buñuel’s (Belle de Jour, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie) most underrated films, a delirious descent into the heart of darkness. A revolt has erupted in a mining town in the Amazon. As a result, a group of men and women are forced to take refuge in the virgin forest under the supervision of an adventurer called Chark (Georges Marchal). Djin (Simone Signoret), a prostitute, Castin (Charles Vanel), a mystic, his deaf and dumb daughter María (Michèle Girardon), and a missionary called Lizardi (Michel Piccoli) will have to confront thirst, fear, wild animals and insects in order to survive.

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    I saw it years ago on the big screen (as part of a "Not on Home Video" series, by the way). It's a middling Bunuel during his Mexican period. It has moments, but, only one that reallly stands out as being part of his surrealist past. Of course, "middling" Bunuel is greater than most Directors' best.


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