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Thread: protective cases for regular size blu ray cases

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    protective cases for regular size blu ray cases

    Hi, I see that they have protective cases that go over blu ray cases, they are kind of like the old plastic boxes that went over VHS boxes, and you'd see them in video rental stores. I am not sure what size a standard blu ray case is, but I assume they make these slide on slide off cases to store your Blu Rays in in between viewings but to protect them from any damage. I can not seem to find anything in my search, I find cases like I'm describing that fit Steelbook blu ray cases, but I'm just looking for a regular blu ray case, kind of like for my Mondo Macabro movies. But I think that case is standard size and would fit any other blu ray case just about. Anyone know of a place that sells these?

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    I've bought plastic protectors for VHS/BETA boxes on eBay in the past, but not for Blu-ray.

    Here's a listing on that website of something that sounds like what you're looking for:

    I can't vouch for any of these because I haven't tried them.
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