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Thread: Giant Kaiju Movies Reigo and Raiga

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    Giant Kaiju Movies Reigo and Raiga

    The giant kaiju movies "Reigo" and "Raiga" are now available on special limited edition Bluray and VHS for the first time ever in North America. Each format features exclusive artwork too! Grab them while you can at

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    I don't understand the logic of the pre-order process. You want people to purchase all 200 copies of the BD-R and if then sells out, you will come out with a 1000 pressed blu ray copies for sale? What's the incentive for the early adopters? So they will have to buy the blu ray all over again if they want a real manufactured blu ray?


    Reading comprehension fail as upon a second look, it's clear now that you mean those who pre-order will get a chance to get their blu ray upgraded to a manufactured pressed one if the initial lot of 200 sells out.
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