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Thread: Eight Taels Of Gold Blu-ray

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    Eight Taels Of Gold Blu-ray

    Didn't realize this had come out. The more Sammo on Blu the better!

    "Acclaimed New Wave director Mabel Cheung won the Best Director award in 1985 with her debut film, Illegal Immigrant, providing a realistically gritty and depressive vision of life in New York's Chinatown. In what would come to be called her "migration trilogy", Cheung continued to explore themes of Chinese diaspora, dislocation, and migration in her next two films, 1987's An Autumn Tale starring Chow Yun Fat and 1989's Eight Taels of Gold.

    Both a critical and box office hit at the time of release, Eight Taels of Gold takes the migration cycle full circle with the story of a bittersweet homecoming. In an inspired casting decision, action star Sammo Hung takes on the leading role of a U.S. immigrant who returns to China after over a decade away from his homeland. His performance earned him a Best Actor nomination at the 1990 Hong Kong Film Awards, along with nods for Best Director, Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Actress for Sylvia Chang (Tempting Heart).

    Cheng (Sammo Hung) has been living in America for over ten years, but life has not been easy for him. He illegally immigrated to the United States during the Cultural Revolution period and struggled to make a living for many years, finally settling as a taxi driver in New York. After he gets his green card, Cheng decides it's time to go back to China to see the family he left 16 years ago. Proud and stubborn, Cheng believes that a real man should at least have eight taels of gold to his name. He borrows money to buy the full eight and return home in glory, only to find that his family has moved elsewhere. A stranger in his own country, Cheng is forced to make the trip to the next city with his childhood rival (Sylvia Chang), now a lovely and brassy woman. On their bumbling way, the two form a bond amidst the bickering, but they both already have marriage matches waiting for them."

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    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    A really excellent film. Beautifully made.


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