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Thread: Bong Joon-Ho's Parasite

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jane View Post
    Parasite and Memories Of Murder will be getting Criterion Collection releases at some point.
    MEMORIES OF MURDER is long overdue. I fact, Korean directors as a whole are sadly neglected in the CC. Also, when is Criterion going to get into the 4K UHD game?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 47lab View Post
    The best part of PARASITE taking the honors was seeing neck beards like this tosser crying up a storm that JOKER got robbed.

    This is the full rant from the bloke who's clearly NOT scene Parasite.

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    That cretin is the type of moviegoer that doesn't like foreign films because he doesn't want to have to read for two hours. I actually thought this 'joker' was just trolling for views but he actually believes that JOKER was some kind of profound cinematic treatise on mental illness. This underrated comment sums up this raging neckbeard's histrionics..."is this the aspergers i keep hearing about?"
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    That's a parasite if ever I saw one...

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    Dude sounds like a another Culture War geek

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    Love how Bong Joong-ho lied his ass off to Harvey Wisetein about the fish gutting scene in SNOWPIERCER. Wisetein didn't like the way Ho didn't follow his orders about editing the film the way he wanted including more Chris Evans and action sequences, so he pushed for a limited release. Ho took a pointed jab at Wisetein by making the pig in OKJA take a journey to Paramus, NJ where Wisetein screened SNOWPIERCER to a test audience. This stupid MF'er is getting his just desserts. Hopefully the jurors send his crusty ass to prison.

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    Normally I try to avoid politics on this site, but I'm going to make an exception for this, because it's my site and I can be a hypocrite if I want to.

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    He was in Home Alone 2, he must know what he's talking about.
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    Gotta get that little jab in there with the umpeenth attempt at taking something he said out of context.
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