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Thread: 31 days of horror part 5: the Final Frontier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Monroe View Post
    It's probably the exception to the rule, but IT FOLLOWS is a recent film that holds up to revisits for me. Since seeing it in the theater I've probably seen it 6 more times. That one has legs, I find new things to appreciate with each viewing.,
    I've seen that one twice, I thought it had some great atmosphere. The Nintendo Pool Boss Fight fucked it up for me, ultimately, but pretty awesome for the first half, anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex K. View Post
    Why is it that 9.9 times out of 10 when you watch a flick that gets good reviews the best you can say is "Yeah, it was pretty good." You know? It's a flick you watch once or twice in your lifetime and that's it. Are we too unfair? Is it too difficult to make something truly remarkable? Does every great filmmaker have a limited reservoir in genius about them?

    I dunno. Re-watched The Abandoned. And I like this one, but at the end of the day it's just "pretty good."

    I need to see that movie. Bought the DVD back in 2008,intending on watching it that week at work. And just never watched it.

    Watched Ernest Scared Stupid with a few friends earlier. This was the first time i noticed that some of the trolls near the end of the film are just slightly modified KIller Klowns. But the Chiodo brothers created the creatures in this film too.

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    TITLE-Rocky Horror Picture Show

    I was surprised when I realized I have never covered Rocky Horror as part of 31 days of horror. So today tossed in my DVD and watched the film for what has to be close to the 500th time.

    I can still remember the first time I saw Rocky Horror. It was Halloween night I was 14 and we had just gotten back from taking some buddie's younger sisters trick or treating. Our plan was to eat some candy and stay up most of the night watching various horror movies we had rented from Homeport Video. My buddy Jason's older sister ,she was 17,came out of her bedroom in a crazy outfit. "Hey Tasha and I are going to the Silver Screen to see Rocky Horror. Do any of yall want to come?" I had heard of Rocky Horror,and remember this was a few years before it had any kind of home video release and I had a major crush on my buddy's sister. So I said I would go.

    We get to the theater and the line went way down the block. Lots of people in costume. I knew the film was some kind of horror/comedy/musical mixture. And that it had a huge cult following but that was it. After the doors open we find some seats and a bit over an hour and half later I was sitting there amazed at what I had just seen.

    Years later the Silver Screen had brought Rocky Horror back and was showing it every Friday and Saturday. And now there was a group of about 20 of us that went at least once every weekend. Most of my friends ended up being part of the shadowcast . So every Friday and Saturday after Rocky Horror was over a buddy would throw a party at his house.

    For about a 3 year period I saw Rocky Horror in a theater at least once a week. At last count I had seen this film in a theater a bit over 200 times. Then I moved from MS to TX. And since then I haven't seen Rocky Horror in a theater.

    Sure the local community theater shows Rocky Horror every year around Halloween. But they are just projecting a DVD. Plus they don't have a shadowcast. And want 15 a person to see it. If they were showing an actual film print I would be happy to pay that price. But if I am gonna watch the dvd and with no shadowcast I might as well watch it at my house.

    So what is the film about? The plot is prety simple. Heading home after two friends of theirs got married,Brad and Janet have car trouble. So they brave the horrible storm and goto a nearby castle to see if they can use the phone to call for a repair man.

    At the castle there is a huge party going on. And Dr Frank N Furter is going to reveal his newest experiment. He has created a man,with blonde hair and a tan. YOU CALL THAT A TAN? And from that simple premise this film goes all over the place.

    The film is based on a UK play that became a huge hit.So 20th Century Fox decided to take this play that had become a hit in the UK and the US into a film. The film bombed big time. But then over the course of a few years it became a huge cult hit thanks to many midnight screenings.

    I have now seen the play. Which is a bit different from the film. And even watched the made for TV remake from a few years ago. And earlier this year I got the play's soundtrack on CD.

    If you are a fan of sci fi/horror/cult cinema from the 50s and 60s there is so many references and homages to films of that era in this movie/play. It is really a love letter to that era of cinema.

    Then you got the amazing songs from the film. Thanks to seeing the film so many times I know every word to every song in the soundtrack. Hell I know most of the lines from the film.

    Anyways if you have never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show find a theater near you that is showing it. Sure you can find the blu ray or dvd fairly easy and watch it that way.But seeing it in your living room is a very different experience than seeing it in a packed theater. A theater full of people that have seen it multiple times. Then you also get the people that dress up as the character and act the film out in front of the movie screen. Seeing Rocky Horror in a theater is a one of the kind experience.

    Rocky Horror Picture Show gets a A.

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    The Cured-I gave up on this movie 58 minutes in. Dull and depressing semi zombie film.

    Ercole al centro della terra-I'm considering this a first time watch since it is the Italian version of Hercules In The Haunted World and has about 5 minutes we haven't seen in the states. Whip And The Body has a wonderful lighting scheme and the one in this film is a knock out as well. I'm not huge Peplum fan, but this one is worth watching in all three versions. Will try to watch the US cut before the month ends.

    1-Guru, The Mad Monk 2
    2-House Of Evil 3
    3-Starship Troopers 7.5
    4-The Robot Vs The Aztec Mummy 4
    5-Tarantula 7
    6-Rodan 6.5
    7-Horror Hotel 10
    8-Castle Of Evil 7
    9-et Mourir de Plaisir 8.5
    10-Godzilla,KOTM(2019) 8
    11-Shin Godzilla 8
    12-Sinister Invasion 1
    13-Secret Of The Blue Room 8
    14-Evil Ep 1
    15-Evil Ep 2
    16-Thriller-Incredible Doktor Markesan
    17-Violent Midnight 6
    18-Pumpkinhead 5
    19-Carnival Of Souls 9
    20-Beast In The Cellar 6
    21-Deranged 7
    22-The Seventh Victim 9
    23-the Cured 0.5
    24-Ercole al centro della terra 9
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    Day 20: SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE II - Not as good as the original, of course, but there's something fascinating going on here and I can't tell if it's intentional. Essentially handing the reins over to the killer in the final stretch of the film, allowing him to sing, dance, preen, and make eyes at the camera, feels like a pointed comment about the way slasher films of the era tacitly pushed audiences into rooting for the villain. The amped-up goofy 'fun' of the climax is persistently undercut with a sharp cruelty that's quite jarring. Though it's always possible that this is all accidental, much like the homoerotic subtext of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET PART II. The direction can be uneven, but first-timer Deborah Brock pulls off some fun sequences and moves things along energetically. Crystal Bernard gives a great lead performance, bringing an engaging depth to a character that could easily have been played too flat. As a whole the film is too messy to be truly great, but I think there's something more subversive lurking under the surface than people give it credit for. Or I could be reading too much into it.

    Day 21: SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE III - Talk about a tonal shift. While it structurally resembles the previous two films, this is full-on brutal horror with a persistant sexual threat that's unlike anything the series previously dabbled in. Unfortunately it's also the weakest of the three films, suffering from poor characterisation, inconsistent acting, and less confident direction. Still worth watching nonetheless, as another very different take on a similar premise. Everything here is darker, colder, and nastier. There's a potentially interesting twist (that I called immediately) but the effectiveness is dampened by being both over-telegraphed and under-explained. Wish I'd noticed that Shout! had released this on Blu-Ray, as the open matte video master on their triple-pack DVD doesn't do the film any favours. Sidenote: one of the 2nd unit photographers was none other than Wally Pfister!

    Day 22: GRIZZLY - Not very good, but certainly very watchable. Christopher George brings far more charisma than the film deserves, and the gory attack scenes are great. It's a pity Girdler doesn't make better use of the widescreen format, but there are a couple of nice shots here and there. Thankfully the ending is so gleefully stupid it wipes most of the mediocre aspects of the film out of your mind.

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    TITLE-Dracula Dead and Loving It

    As of this writing this is the last film directed by Mel Brooks. And sadly this film was a bomb and seems to be fairly hated.

    Like how Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein was a homage and parody of the Universal Frankenstein films this film is a homage and parody of Universal's Dracula with Bela Lugosi.

    Sure the film is a bit silly. But then it fits in perfectly with all the other screwball parodies of that era. Stuff like Hot Shots or the Naked Gun films. Speaking of Naked Gun,Dracula Dead and Loving It has Leslie Nelson as the lead. And the rest of the cast is a good mixture of known actors/actresses. People like Steven Webber,Amy Yasbeck and Harvey Korman.

    What surprised me the first time I saw this movie was how bloody it is. Sure the blood letting is played for laughes. But wow the amount of blood in this film is a bit surprising.

    I love how Mel Brooks was smart and targeted the over-rated Bram Stroker's Dracula film. I have never understood why Coppla's Dracula film is considered a good film. Honestly I rather watch Dracula Dead and Loving It than Bram Stroker's Dracula.

    If you enjoyed movies like Airplane or Naked Gun and like horror movies this is a film that you gotta see. So far there is no Blu Ray release. But the DVD ,while out of print,isn't hard to find for cheap.

    Dracula Dead and Loving It gets a B-.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newt Cox View Post
    I love how Mel Brooks was smart and targeted the over-rated Bram Stroker's Dracula film. I have never understood why Coppla's Dracula film is considered a good film. Honestly I rather watch Dracula Dead and Loving It than Bram Stroker's Dracula.
    Is Bram Stokers Dracula generally rated as a good film?! I put it on every so often to enjoy Winnona and Keanu's "British" accents but I assumed everyone just enjoyed this for the stunning visuals and constant unintentional hilarity.
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    I think Winona's British accent is okay but I think it's regarded overall as a fascinating failure. Sandwiched between high camp and AAA Blockbuster prestige.
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    Back not long after it came out I knew piles of people that were huge fans of that Dracula film. I had found it to a be a nice looking mess since seeng it in a theater.

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    Despite Winona and Keanu, I find Bram Stoker's Dracula to be wildly entertaining and a visual treat. I adore that film.


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