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Thread: 31 days of horror part 5: the Final Frontier.

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    The more I think about it the more Midsummar sticks with me. It could be a modern classic. I also realize just how similar it is in terms of plot with 2001 Maniacs which I assure was an accident on my part. A fine example of how a gifted filmmaker can attack the same idea in different ways.
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    Decided to start this off with a little pain. Well, actually a lot of pain because it frickin' hurt to sit through these two movies.

    1-GURU, THE MAD MONK-Andy's disdain for the Church and its authority figures is pretty obvious here. The usual Milligan touches are here: a hunchback who eventually gets crucified, knitting needles into the eyeballs and most of the actors emoting to passer byes walking down the street. The hero looks and almost sounds like Epstein the Sweathog from Welcome Back Kotter. It only runs a bit over 55 minutes, but you will be fighting the urge to bail out after 30.

    2-HOUSE OF EVIL aka Dance Of Death aka Sonata Macabre-This is somewhat better than the above film. One of the four Karloff Mexican quickies filmed at the end of his life. Karloff is in this one for the first 25 minutes and the last ten. The film and you, the viewer, suffers during his absence. The old reading of the will while the old geezer still lives, whoops he's dead. Wait, no he isn't. Aw fuck it just let me out of this house. Of the four, this may be the worst. At least until I get around to watching Sinister Invasion......
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    Day 02 The Burbs

    Watched the Burbs for the first time in a bit off Shudder. Not a huge Tom Hanks fan but love this movie.

    Day 2 of Codyll's thing Mark of the Vampire

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    I quite like GURU, THE MAD MONK, but it does suffer from being shot on 35mm since Andy couldn't wildly swirl the camera around. It's certainly not up there with his best work.

    Day 1: THE PSYCHIC - Not top-tier Fulci but still damn good. I managed to guess both the ending and the big mid-story reversal early on but the whole film is so well constructed I don't think it impeded my enjoyment too much. There are a few too many dramatic zooms into Jennifer O'Neil's eyes but otherwise Fulci does a good job slowly ratcheting up the tension.

    Day 2: BONE TOMAHAWK - I had heard some good things about this one, but I quickly took a severe dislike to it. There's something strangely amateurish about the whole affair - from the script that traffics in affected Deadwood-style dialogue but lacks any particular character or humanity, to the flat digital photography that finds shockingly few evocative uses for its widescreen framing. Perhaps worst is the attempt to mimic the ponderous, contemplative tone of the best westerns; something that really doesn't work when neither the characters nor the film have anything to contemplate. There's absolutely no reason for a film as simplistic as this to be two hours long, and there's at least a half-hour of footage that could be easily trimmed out.

    Man, even the worst Italian cannibal films tried to hint at some greater thematic ideas (who are the real savages? etc etc) but BONE TOMAHAWK stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the possibility of subtext. Everything is text. What you see is what you get. Which isn't a problem if a film is going to be fun and not waste my fucking time. BONE TOMAHAWK is just slow, unpleasant, and hollow. It can fuck right off.

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    My Halloween horror "film" for today was this excellent documentary; "Hammer - the Studio That Dripped Blood" (BBC 1987). The YouTube version is what looks like a 3rd generation tv rip. Has this ever been released as an extra feature on dvd or bluray?

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    The carnage continues.
    Starship Troopers- Realized that I have never sat down and watched this from start to finish. More satirical than I expected, yet a lot of fun with nasty big bug killers.

    The Robot Vs The Aztec Mummy-Probably the best of the three. A painless way to get the gist of the entire trilogy in a little over an hour. The Bat chews up the scenery and a walking tin can takes on the Aztec Mummy. What's not to like?
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    I guess I'll pitch in with the original GODZILLA. If I've seen it, I dont remember it. All of my Godzilla memories are in colour

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    Had a couple of false starts. Started with Red Room 2 which I found boring. Then I switched it up to Wrong Turn 5 which was so lazily made and obvious that the filmmakers didn't give a shit so why should I? Then, I watched Wrong Turn 4.

    Wrong Turn is an interesting slasher franchise in that the first is utterly mediocre. Saved only by moments of great gore. All of the sequels, and all of which are direct to video, are better aside from the already mentioned part 5. Part 2 is a very fun slasher and required viewing for all fans of Henry Rollins. Part 6 I enjoyed quite a bit and 4 I would say is easily the 2nd best in the franchise. It changes the setting to a snowbound abandoned sanitarium and kind of sort of explains the origins of the killers of these movies but only kind of. Gory set pieces, self-awareness that's not so smug, directed with a sense of contagious joy. Recommended for slasher fans.
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    Night 1 - the first Tennent episode of Doctor Who. It has alien monster things in it so I'm saying it counts.

    Night 2 - Killer Crocodile.
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    Tarantula-I like this movie better than Them. I think this moves very well and has a nice icky atmosphere. The bd didn't seem to be that much of a jump PQ wise over the dvd.

    1-Guru, The Mad Monk 2
    2-House Of Evil 3
    3-Starship Troopers 7.5
    4-The Robot Vs The Aztec Mummy 4
    5-Tarantula 7
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