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Thread: Hunting Asia Books Vol. 1 : The Hell gardens of Thailand

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    Hunting Asia Books Vol. 1 : The Hell gardens of Thailand

    So a friend of mine who resides a lot of his time in Bangkok did this book:

    Lots of wild imagery from it can be found at:

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    A friend of mine went there a few years ago, it looks pretty bonkers. Great idea for a book.
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    It's a beautiful country with so warm and friendly people. Unfortunately you do see a bunch of fat balding white slobs who go there for the sex trade walking with young bar girls. Thailand is starting to crack down on sexpats and I saw a lot more Chinese tourists with their families the last time I went which was a couple years ago.
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    The second volume will be about Thai crime magazines. Kinda like Alarma from Mexico (Is that still around?!?). No idea when it'll be out.

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    Ha! !Alarma¬° magazine brings back some childhood memories. Me and my buddies used to go to our corner liquor store and buy saladitos & tamarindo candy and look at that magazine until the owner used to yell at us that his place wasn't a library. Weird how it used to be displayed so openly next to La Opinion and anyone can just gaze upon the myriad of lurid covers of homicide photos and gruesome accidents. No idea if it's still around but I suspect with all the narco and cartel related violence, the editor won't have any shortage of new material.
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