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Thread: Anna (2019)

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    Anna (2019)

    I was aimlessly scrolling through Prime looking for something to watch and randomly clicked on this because it had a hot chick on the thumbnail and I'm attached to the name Anna.

    Turned out to be a new Luc Besson action pic about a hot Russian spy who splits her time between modelling and shooting foreign diplomats with a silenced pistol. Good picking Dom!

    I was never the fan of Nikita that everyone else seems to be and this really treads a LOT of the same territory. Hot chick gets caught doing a crime, gets inducted into the KGB, falls in love with her handler etc. The action sequences have been updated to the modern version where our heroine will have to shoot 200 bad guys every time there's a gun fight, which is annoying, but otherwise I enjoyed this a lot.

    Quietly stylish in that Luc Besson way, with a killer supporting turn by Cillian Murphy and non linear storytelling. It's a lot of fun.
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    I agree. It was fun and nonsensical, but entertaining. Sure, it was very much a rehash of his previous work, and the characters were paper thin, but that didn't really matter. Cillian Murphy was, as Dom says, good, but I really loved Helen Mirren in it.

    Just don't expect any kind of depth here. Just take it for what it is.
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