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Thread: Irreversible on blu ray?

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    Irreversible on blu ray?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if any companies are planning to release the 2002 film Irreversible on blu ray anywhere in the world, as I have a region free blu ray player, of course I would need a English friendly release. I have not seen the film, but have meant to for years, and I just today looked to see if it was available on Blu ray, and it seems it's not, but I thought I'd see if anyone knows if any blu ray release is upcoming? This film is a pretty well known film I think, so I am kind of surprised it's not on blu ray while much less obscure films are. I did a little research on the US Lions Gate DVD and it seems it's a PAL transfer that is not time corrected, so it's not the option I'd most want if a blu ray is imminent. But if not I might just go with the DVD.

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    Only blu release i know of was the Australian release from last year...

    Review here...

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    Anyone know where you can buy this? I looked on Diabolikdvd and they don't have it, and I looked on the website for the company that released the blu ray and their shopping section is not working anymore, and I looked on amazon australia and they don't show it. Anyone know where you can pick up this blu ray and have it shipped to America? Or preferably an online store in America that sells it.

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    Although it says awaiting stock, you might try contacting them 1st before ordering.

    Never bought from this place but they have it in stock
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    I was wondering about a bd for Irreversible a few nights ago. I have a small poster for it on my wall. I haven't watched the film in years but I'd upgrade. I think it would look really nice.

    I have a friend in Paris who knows Noe & made him a compilation video of rape scenes from exploitation movies as prep for Irreversible.

    The one time I've been to Paris, I was taken down into one of those dark tunnels underneath the street. I remember walking down stairs into pitch blackness then having to feel along the wall to the other side.

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    AVOID!!! My copy has just arrived, it's 1080i looks like a dvd upscale, except my dvd doesn't have those jerky movements. Damn wish i'd waited for reviews, someone needs to do this film properly, as well as 'I Stand Alone' [and the prequel short 'Carne'].

    The blu ray also does not contain the Gaspar Noe commentary present on the Canadian dvd.....shoddy!

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    I hate when blu ray companies release crap quality stuff and just call it a blu ray just to rip off the consumer and make a fast buck.

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    So the 'straight cut' played at the Venice International Film Festival in August.

    Looks like there's a Blu-ray coming in 2020 that will include the original version and this new one as well.

    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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