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Thread: Region B recommendations

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    Region B recommendations

    I can play everything now so I was wondering which Reg. B titles are worth tracking down? UK films that are unlikely to get released over here, etc. I'm currently going through eBay searching "region B bluray" but looking for specific titles would be a lot easier!

    I've picked up UK discs of Tyrannosaur & have The Treatment in transit. I just found 88 Films rel of Hide & Go Shriek for less than $11 shipped.

    Any UK releases of Asian films to recommend?

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    Go over to Diabolik and search "Shaw Bros." 88 Films has released tons of them.
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    Fango Bollente I own & I think I'm watching Seeding... on eBay. I have Bewitched, Black Magic 2, & Oily Maniac.

    At this point I'll be watching for eBay deals as I need to watch money & may not even need to be acquiring tons of new stuff for someone to have to get rid of if things go south (see my thread in Everything Else as to what I'm referencing).


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