Gave this a watch for the first time the other night.

This was a lot of fun. Ron Jeremy is actually kinda sorta likable in this one, he definitely shows some decent acting and comedy chops in the film and the movie plays to his strengths that way. Chuck Vincent produced it and Larry Revene shot and directed it, so it has good production values. It also has a good supporting cast with Eric Edwards in one scene as well as Samantha Fox, Veronica Hart, Sharon Mitchell, Arcadia Lake and Candida Royale. Merle Michaels is in this too and while she does nothing for me, she too is actually very funny.

It's pretty breezy stuff, but it entertainment me all the way through.

The only DVD release I know of is the Video-X-Pix disc and it looks like crap. Taken from a very worn tape master it's faded and the color is pretty much shot. Which is a shame as it's nicely shot and would probably look really good if properly restored.