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Thread: The Peacekillers

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    The Peacekillers

    Available now at Roninflix.

    Bikers kidnap a young woman and disrupt a peaceful way of life in a quiet commune in this wild violent biker classic, now in glorious HD!

    Starring Clint Richie, Michael Ontean

    Special Features: Audio Commentary by director Douglas Schwartz, screenwriter Michael Berk and actor Gary Morgan, Interview with Schwartz and Berk

    Scorpion Releasing // 1971 // 87 Minutes // Rated R // Color // English // Region A

    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    I have the MGM MOD release. It's an OK movie, I'll probably watch it again someday.
    Why would anybody watch a scum show like Videodrome? Why did you watch it, Max?


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