A lifeboat full of doomed archetypes floats in the waters of WW2 Europe. They happen across a floating Nazi hulk. Its utterly free of Nazi's but there are some suspiciously deformed corpses on board. It's obviously going to get messy.

'Piece of piss mate". I was watching this Shudder Original thinking it had the most authentic 'Strayan characters in any foreign movie I'd seen. Checked it up halfway through aaaaand it's actually 'Strayan. A 'yeah, nah' halfway into the runtime was probably a bit too contemporary but that was a rare misstep.

Anyway.... this actually sets up really nicely. The hard bit in a horror like this is setting up the story and the characters and keeping things interesting while you wait for the bloodshed to start. This does that bit really well.

Then we get to the carnage, which should be the easy bit, and it all falls apart. From here it gets everything wrong. It overexposes it's monster and it vigorously works every cliche from here on in right up to it's very disappointing ending.

Still, for a long time it works and it was the best local genre movie since I Am Mother.