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Thread: 88 Films Releasing Umberto Lenzi's Paranoia (but not Orgasmo)!

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    88 Films Releasing Umberto Lenzi's Paranoia (but not Orgasmo)!

    From FB:

    "Last week we announced that we were releasing Orgasmo (aka Paranoia - 1969) in February..... sadly we made a mistake and we're actually releasing Paranoia (aka A Quiet Place to Kill - 1970).

    I know, we should go and stand in a corner and count to 1000 or we should do a streak at the next Chelsea game or something like that but honestly, we messed up, we're sorry for the confusion and we hope this clears it up.

    If it helps we can also announce that we have a terrific interview with Umberto Lenzi included recorded shortly before his death where he talks about BOTH films. Also a brand new Troy Howarth Commentary and we're planning a snazzy finish for the slipcase too....."

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    Great to see the damn break for BDs for these Lenzi/Baker films. I hope we eventually get all of them. I love all but KNIFE OF ICE (which I still like a fair bit).
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