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Thread: Gangster No. One

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    Gangster No. One

    Any fans of this UK film with Malcolm McDowell? I see there is a British blu. Actually two with slightly different artwork. Any difference in transfer, quality, etc.? I'd love to see the film again. I remember it as very violent & entertaining.

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    I haven't seen it in years and years.

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    It's been years since I've seen it as well. I seem to recall the scenes with Malcolm McDowell being distracting because he doesn't look like Paul Bettany and the whole thing being somewhat uneven, despite some great scenes and, like Keeth mentioned, some brutal violence (I do remember a nasty scene where somebody is crushed under a car, including a particularly horrific scream from the victim).
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    I guess I'll just take a chance when I come across a cheap copy on eBay.


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