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Thread: What's your favorite Lucio Fulci film that's not THE BEYOND?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom D View Post
    Maybe they're cut that they won round 1 and somehow the Beyond was still the title to progress! Me, I just remembered that Lizard In A Womans Skin was a fulci.
    Here's how I counted the votes:

    THE BEYOND: Alex K., Ian, Wernski, Lalala

    DUCKLING: Matt H., Andrew M., Dom

    Didn't count Alex K.'s vote for DUCKLING because he said it was his second-favorite. Counted Scott's vote as THE PSYCHIC because he mentioned DUCKLING and other gialli after he named his favorite. Same more or less with Lalala. It would be easier if everyone would just mention one film, but I also enjoy the discussion aspect.

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    Hanging Chads again.
    I'm bitter, I'm twisted, James Joyce is fucking my sister.


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